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Self Help Empowerment Workshops:

Chain with broken link to represent breaking the chain that is keeping us stuck. Part of self improvement workshop training. Did you know:

  • What really keeps us stuck is out of our awareness!
  • What you think is your problem is actually something else!
  • There’s a fast way to break through what is limiting you!

Do you want to:

  • Learn how to Feel more confident & love who you are?
  • Hear about what has actually been keeping you stuck?
  • Find the tools to help you be who you want to be?
  • Feel yourself connecting with people easily & effortlessly?
  • Hear the secrets to connection and confidence for success!
  • See how to create lasting and meaningful relationships?

Who do you seek to be?

Create The Life (and career!) You Want...NOW! - Unleash Your Inner Power!

May 12 and 13th, Training Room, 4950 Yonge St, suite 2100, North York.


Come change your life and learn about some of the top mindset and change tools on the planet in just one weekend!

Create The Life (and career!) You Want...NOW! - Unleash Your Inner Power!

Be the best version of you!!! Be who you've always wanted to be!

Do you want to:

  • Take action towards the things you really want/desire?

  • Find your purpose, power and passion?

  • Break through the limitations to have what you want?

  • Stop comparing yourself to others?

  • Create your own freedom?

Then this workshop is for you!


Come learn how to:

  • Feel like the powerful person you really are

  • See yourself in a kick-ass career that you love

  • Create the relationships you really want

  • Compete ONLY with YOURSELF

  • TAKE ACTION towards your success - NOW!


Come join us for this 2 day workshop and live the life of your dreams!!!

Please note, these events are smaller and we create an intimate environment - and so they usually sell out very early - reserve now to avoid disappointment!

Take the first step to change your life and your world! Take action now to get you moving towards what you want!

Tickets are usually $497 each - very special early bird pricing (ending soon!) is $297. Bring a friend and you can come for only $257 each. For more information, (and for bring a friend discounted tickets) please contact the host below:

Hosted by James R.Elliot

Board Designated Master Coach and NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy Trainer



Call Us Now: 905-717-9481,  Email Us Or Submit A Contact Form

**Self improvement or self help workshops have helped hundreds discover their limiting beliefs
and finally reach the levels of achievement they’ve been striving for**




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