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TRAINING - Be A Highly Influential Leader, Communicator And Mentor & Transform Yourself Too!

The Breakthrough  Course That Will Skyrocket Your Career And ChangeYour Life!

10x Your Leadership, Communication, Sales and Coaching/Mentor Capabilities!

NLP Training (neuro - linguistic programming), Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy & Coaching

FasTrak™ NLP Breakthrough and Practitioner Certification Training

Are you familiar with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)? This is definitely a great place to start when you are ready to take your life, business or career to another level.

This NLP Breakthrough and Practitioner Course is the fastest way to install skillsets of communication, influence, growth and capability!

It makes just about every area of your life better, easier and will get you to where you want to go much faster - guaranteed!

Plus, master the mind-body connection, experience some major personal development, and have the tools to create a successful leadershship, coaching, or sales business!

  • Are you looking to become a coach? Or, expand your tool set and abilities as a coach or mentor to grow your business and make more money?
  • Become a leader or an even better, more influential leader?
  • Are you looking to break through what has been holding you back all this time?
  • Have clients or staff that are compliant and just do what they need to be successful?
  • Grow your career and Improve your sales?
  • Improve your communication and actually listen so well that you can "listen between the words" for what is not said?
  • Help people and improve people's lives, to leave the world a better place than you found it?

Then the NLP Leadership, Sales and Coach / Mentor certification program is for you! Check out the video below, and reach out to me, as I'd love to connect!


About the course!


An explanation of how limiting decisions and negative emotions are formed


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James R. Elliot offers amazing business training in the course, in addition to his FasTrak™NLP practitioner certification training program. In the business training you will discover how to integrate new NLP tools and techniques into your business while creating quantum leaps in sales, and client retention, income, growth and overall success.

The 8-day training will help guide you through a process that helps you uncover how to live your life to its fullest - and to empower others to do so too! What will you learn?

  • Discover what has been holding you back
  • Learn to unleash your full power, self-confidence, and maximum  potential
  • Discover motivational tools that will help you progress toward your goals
  • You will acquire and hone the most effective and innovative tools - from results -based coaching
  • Learn tools to create massive shifts in people, quickly
  • Eliminate the blocks that have kept someone - or yourself - stuck for a long time
  • Learn how marketing, advertising and language is manipulating you
  • And so much more!

The NLP practitioner certification training is definitely the solution for people looking to take your career, business, or life to a whole new level. This course will teach you tools that can empower you to help others reach their full potential – and to empower YOU to reach your full potential! This course is also for you, if you desire to help others searching for a better future. This course takes your life, your business, and you to a whole new level and will get you to where you want to go much faster. You can even guarantee your results in writing at the mastery level!

Once you have completed FasTrak™NLP practitioner certification training you will be eligible for four board designations and certifications. Your certifications will include: NLP Coach; NLP Practitioner; Time Line Therapy/Creating Your Future Practitioner; and Hypnotherapist.

***There is even a bonus tool that James has developed, which is only available through his training institute, called "The Power Process"TM   which helps you let go of fears of failure, lack or loneliness, even when you are on your own!

NLP Practitioner Intensive graduates will qualify for four board certifications and professional designation that are recognized in more than 38 countries. These designations and certifications include:

Click for detailed course content and information here

Are you an entrepreneur? Leader? Mentor? Maybe you are a health practitioner or healer, coach, manager or director committed to leading a team. If so, the NLP certification will improve your ability to create positive-lasting change, inspire, communicate, and motivate.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Board - Designated Training


How can I take an NLP Coach Practitioner course in just 8 days (two sessions)?

James training an audience who want to become certified in neuro linguistic programming, otherwise known and NLPYes, you definitely can! In just seven days you earn four certifications in the training. Due to the pre-study, post-study, and how the course works, you will learn AND retain a massive amount of tools. These board-approved technologies will positively accelerate your career, or help begin an entirely new and exciting career path. The 8 day program will include the expert business model development structure to help you monetize and leverage your new skills immediately. This $5,000 business workshop-style program is included at no additional cost.

Since NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the study of modelling and creating behavioural excellence and is a very practical tool that is based on achieving results. Remember, you can even guarantee client success at the mastery level! You can use the tools from a business development perspective, coaching perspective, sales perspective, and a leadership perspective. Captains of industries, CEOs, military leaders, our own government, business leaders and mentors, and even Presidents and Prime Ministers have been NLP trained. This is why they excel.

Who is leading the training?

This training is being facilitated personally by Trainer James R. Elliot, a Board Designated Trainer of NLP. He is one of a small but elite group of trainers that include the likes of Tony Robbins, Kim Redman, and Drs. Tad and Adriana James. This NLP Fastrak® Training Program is designed with the busy professional / entrepreneur in mind. Through advanced study practices, various multimedia pre-study, post study, and ongoing education, this training is completed with an 8-day on-site intensive practicum.  To support each candidate in a fun and fast-paced environment, the training has a high ratio of trainers to students. As a result, you will receive immediate feedback and the attention needed to reinforce your SUCCESS! Seats are very limited, and go fast. However, signing up early can definitely ensure that your spot is saved exclusively for YOU.

Why Choose NLP Practitioner Training Through Unleash Your Power?

Simply put, this NLP practitioner training program has proven RESULTS! As a NLP coach and certified NLP practitioner, there is major business and career opportunities to make money as you help your clients, business, or company achieve their highest potential. Maybe you are a sales rep, sales manager, entrepreneur, life coach, sales coach, trainer, or teacher. In many careers or businesses NLP coaches and NLP practitioners are in demand worldwide. That is why it is a great investment in your future. Any designation can read: “certified.” But, “board-designated,” says that you internationally recognized (in 38 countries!), and you can transfer your credentials and leverage your certification as an effective marketing tool. Very few programs in the world are able to offer this. Know that significant resources exist in the NLP community for your business development. Your membership also extends to mastermind, and collaboration, which is a supportive community.

How Do I Become Designated AND Certified?

The NLP practitioner training – home study will help you prepare for the program. You can listen to the audios and other multimedia at your convenience, before you start the course to complete the board-approved training. At this time you will feel, hear, see, and experience the natural transformation when limiting program are replaced with leadership programs with greater authenticity like this one where you will develop skills of Time Line Therapy®, coaching, hypnosis, and NLP.

A maze represents a life filled with many unknown paths, prior to help from an NLP coachGlobal Recognition!

Your certification is recognized and transferable worldwide. As a result, 38 countries recognize your certifications and designations! This NLP training features the board-approved evaluation that tests demonstrated skills and written NLP skills. It also installs the ability to be successful both as an executive and life NLP coach practitioner and NLP coach. After successful completion of the program you also have the opportunity to achieve recognition as a board certified practitioner coach in each modality learned. The team will facilitate entrance into all professional boards for the qualified graduates of the program.

Who Should Attend this Elite Board Designated Training?

  • Anyone who communicates for a living
  • Anyone on a commission-based income that includes direct sales
  • Anyone who is required to negotiate or get their ideas across in some way
  • Any speakers wanting to make a greater impact and have people actually "hear" you
  • Directors, managers, sales representatives, team leaders, and people that work with groups or individuals
  • Anyone who wants to avoid being manipulated by advertising, marketing and language
  • Educations with children, teenagers, or adult-students
  • Anyone wanting to transition or grow in the empowerment or leadership field
  • Anyone interested in empowering themselves and others with the desire of ever-lasting change and growth
  • Any entrepreneur!

(Click for detailed course content and information)





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