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Here’s a testimonial from Mike in Mississauga:

“James has really helped me with my self doubt, self esteem, second guessing everything, anxiety and confidence. It has helped me in my personal life, my dating/relationship side of my life, and has really changed my career as well. I am now seeing myself speak to people with confidence! I am really really hearing what people are saying to me because my mind is not constantly full of thoughts and questions and other noise. I feel like I can enjoy life now because the anxiety has disappeared, and I have more confidence in everything I do in life! James really is a "transformation" coach!”

Here’s a testimonial from Alka in Markham:

“James, I really appreciate your strategies from what I am seeing in my life!  I FEEL different and I continue to see changes!  You helped me uncover the blocks in my life so I can move forward with possibilities. I want to take this time to thank you, because this path of NLP has been amazing! I have to say taking you up on your coaching has been agreat experience - one where I have began to discover myself and have to say I like what I see!!!”

Here’s a testimonial from Luca in Vaughan:

“For the past 4 years I have been suffering from a “mysterious spleen pain”, it progressively got worse and it came to a point where I had to be rushed to the hospital via ambulance due to extreme pain and troubles breathing. Doctors were unable to find anything wrong with me and I was very frustrated. I started with James last year, to be honest I was optimistic at first.
Dealing with James I have seen tremendous improvements with my mystery pain, through his techniques and practices I am able to stabilize, neutralize and eliminate the pain within minutes. I was finally able to experience a pain free life for the first time in 4 years. He’s been a life changer and I would highly recommend his practice to anyone.”

Here’s a testimonial from Darren in Toronto:  

“I first came to James R. because I felt like there was something holding me back in terms of my career, my income, and the “abundance” in life that I wanted. I felt hopeless, I felt worthless, like my life had no purpose and no passion. I just couldn’t get what I wanted, and have what I wanted (promotions, raises, even having my own business), even though I had a job that paid well. Working with him really opened my eyes to the things that limit us in life...and keep us stuck like I was. He talks a lot about goal blocks - and we all have them, since as he says “we are all human.” Exposing these is half the battle, and then blowing them out with him created radical shifts in my thinking, my behaviours, and my life! Very empowering. AND, my relationships have improved as a side effect too!”

Here’s a testimonial from Geoff in Toronto:

"Key takeaways I’d like to note from the introductory NLP sessions include how to use sensory acuity to understand body language communication through subtle changes in facial features. Given the nature of my job requires face to face interaction with personal introductions or networking, I found the theory on Rapport very interesting such as merely mirroring someone’s actions without them realizing it. The predicates were very enlightening to me because I never heard of “audio-visual” and didn’t realize certain synonyms can be leveraged to communicate differently to say a visual vs. a kinesthetic person, etc. There were some powerful messages in the Logical Levels Strategic Decision making us stop and think about what the unconscious and sub-conscious mind are saying when trying to make a major decision. Most of us get stuck on focusing on the conscious mind without awareness that other parts of the brain are somewhat within our control as we understand what they are doing."


Here’s a testimonial from Crystal Marie in Toronto:

“I've been 'getting serious about health' for a while, but James is the first health expert to have lit a fire under me. His wealth of knowledge was evident in his messaging and, yet, he was able to articulate this in simple terms for our very diverse audience. As his passion was grounded in fact, and the love of what he does, the motivation he inspired outlasted the adrenaline that generally follows emotive speakers. His tone actually sets you at ease. Thanks to James, I developed and implemented my new meal plan within a week of hearing his talk. If you have the opportunity to work with him, grab it!”

Here’s a testimonial from Lubcheck in Toronto:

“James has helped me immensely with my confidence and self esteem. Now I know I can really have what I want in my life - and I can go and get it. His accountability techniques are also very effective, and they really helped push me towards my goals....even if I was a bit resistant to my own goals at times. I have lots more confidence now and so there is no anxiety - because I'm not constantly comparing myself to people or wondering how I measure up to others who I used to envy, or be jelaous of, or want their I realize that no one is perfect and we all have great things about us. I'm a great person and have a lot going on for me - I should  have known before and been produd of myself and James helped me realize that.”

Here’s a testimonial from Ben  in Mississauga:

“I had no idea that my chronic pain, and my lack of confidence and difficulty speaking to women were connected! James showed me how this was related to all kinds of stuff in my past; things i was repressing (things I didn’t even know were still bothering me!), negative emotions, negative self talk and self doubt. I had lots of what he calls “limiting decisions” (basically goal blocks) which kept me from moving forward in my life - and getting to my big goals.  These were totally out of my awareness until we started working together. Such a cool process. Such massive shifts in myself! Working with him was so amazing, and he made it fun too! Oh, and he kept me accountable too! :)”

Here’s a testimonial from Shirly in North York:

“After struggling with weight all my life, up and down constantly, I didn't know that there were a few key things holding me back - and much of this was in my mind! Now that we are focusing on these things and working through them (as well as the nutritional aspects of course), things have come to me faster and easier than ever before! Just like James says, changing the way you think really does make everything you want easier, and come faster - For me, seeing really was believing!”

Here’s a testimonial from Magdalena in Toronto:

“The far reaching effects of my Breakthrough with James are still resonating in my life. We worked together for a brief period of time and shortly after I've seen great changes in my relationships and improvement in my communication.  Now, I can honestly express my emotions and be completely present without hanging on to past experiences that have influenced my behavior in the past. The most significant impact I've experienced thus far is how I feel about myself and that I now take care of myself every day. I used to ignore my needs and make excuses, now I feel in control and responsible for the positive changes I have made in my life.  Working with James was fun, quick and easy but most importantly I felt the results immediately.”

Here’s a testimonial from Jeff in North York:

“After helping me realize that my weight and fatigue issues were both from my eating and my mindset (causing me to eat poorly and emotionally eat) and also hidden conditions, I was so relieved to find someone who could help get me out of the rut I was stuck in! I feel so much better, have more energy, and my mindset change has even affected my dating/relationships and my business - getting me new customers and making me more money - not to mention being happier and healthier at the same time!!!”

Here’s a testimonial from Teresa in Toronto:

“I came to James more for health concerns, but realized that when we changed my mindset and the way I was looking at things - everything got easier - including losing weight, stopping eating emotionally, filling the "void" I was in with food, etc.. By being ok with myself, being ok with me, and proud of who I am, I released a lot of the stress and the weight that used to come along with all that. His nutrition and health knowledge is superb as well, and he really gets why people often don't feel well, are burnt out, and all the other good stuff he helps people with.”

Here’s a testimonial from Caden in Toronto:

“James helped me realize that the reason I was unhealthy and felt exhausted (yet trying so hard to eat healthy!) was that I was following all this 'marketing hype' of what is supposed to be healthy, and I was also following the misguided Canada Food Guide." I was also sick of counting calories in my food, which James showed me I no longer have to do! I now LOVE food, eat healthy, have lost a ton of weight, and feel like I have the energy of a kid again! Not to mention attracting interest of the opposite sex as well. James is amazing!”

Here’s a testimonial from Linda in Oak Ridges:

“After much struggling with the idea of going on various pills for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and a few other things, I decided I was going to prioritize my health and skip the life-long drugs...and their side-effects! A pill to counteract the effects of another pill? No thank you! With proper diet, exercise that I enjoy, and proper supplementation (James helped me realize my previous vitamins had about as much in them as water!), my cholesterol, blood pressure, and other cardiovascular issues are back to normal, and I look and feel great! Thanks James!”

Here’s a testimonial from Gregg in North York:

“James’ coaching has had a large positive impact on my business and my personal life. He helped me clarify exactly what I needed to do, how to do it, and when to take action. He was thorough and persistent in making sure that he got to the root of my issues and in making sure that I took the steps necessary to deal with them. The whole time he was caring and supportive and 100% percent committed to making sure I reached the goals I wanted. Even though James’ coaching efforts were focused on my personal and business goals he also brought to bear his wide and expert knowledge of health and nutrition and incorporated that into his coaching efforts. What a bonus!  I highly recommend James as a coach for anyone that is looking to make changes in their life especially if it involves their health and nutrition.”

Here’s a testimonial from Klara in Vaughan.

“I struggled to lose weight and free myself with digestive issues for a long time - it wasn't until working with James that I found out about different sensitivities (aka allergies) I had to certain foods I frequently consumed, as well as the fact that I had a lot of the "bad bacteria" in my intestines, vs the "good ones," causing a few issues as well. James really does look at things from a big picture view to find out what is really going on, and WHY, vs. band aid solutions like taking Tums, or peptone-bismol, antacids, etc." I have more energy because I am absorbing my food better, and my bloating and other digestive issues are gone! I'm married, but other men have definitely started looking! :)”




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