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What if you could increase the productivity of your
employees even by 1 hour a day?!


What if you could increase sales performance and

customer retention even by 10%?!




By showing organizations how to gain and sustain a world class reputation,  I empower people to lead, connect with, inspire,  influence others and boost their company’s bottom line. I share my solid knowledge and tools for developing powerful communication and influencer skills, and share powerful strategies to become known as world class. 


Showing organizations how to become the front runners in their field is what fuels me. My high-powered keynotes and training sessions give your people the tools they need to gain and sustain a world class presence, influence and greater market share.  


As an engaging speaker, my inspiring and energizing speeches get great results!



  • Was employed in sales, leadership and mentoring roles at multi-national firms for 13 years, such as IBM and Novell
  • Is highly trained in human behavior tools and psychology
  • Has a reputation as a respected coach, mentor and trainer of leaders, mentors and salespeople
  • Is resilient, persistent and strong-willed and action-oriented
  • Has a wide circle of influence


World Class Influence 

Lead, inspire, connect with and motivate people easily and naturally. Have people WANT to do business with you and create powerful relationships – without chasing or dragging people in.

  • Strategies for expanding your sphere of influence
  • Dramatically increase your sales, retention, referrals and results
  • Reduce your sales call resistance and "procrastination"


Chain Reaction – Put Your World In Motion

An inspirational keynote! Start a positive and lasting change in your world – and the world of the people who impact you most! Start a chain reaction that will create powerful momentum to propel you to success, effective action, satisfaction, fulfillment, and success.

  • Learn to make the adversity you have overcome your mission and the source of your power
  • Ensure that your work enhances your connection to passion and purpose
  • Increase your level of motivation, influence and engagement on a daily basis


Giant Steps – How To Take Those Big Leaps Forward

Make massive changes in yourself, your team, and your organization quickly and effectively. Start achieving what you want, and have the culture and success you want for your team, colleagues and your organization.

  • Find a way to express yourself through your work so it drives you. Aiming for excellence.
  • Be re-energized and inspired to be at your best - professionally & personally
  • Create a success and goal achieving intention and focus
  • Learn to avoid the “Fearless Trap”
  • Techniques to easily let go of resistance


James adapted his presentation to meet our needs. We got great takeaways, and we learned how making small changes makes a big difference. Great work James!  -Brian Hall, Director of Business Development, Allstate Insurance

James inspired our group! I found his talk enlightening, it was a pleasure to have him, and we look forward to having him back! - Anand Coomaraswamy, President, The Canadian Association of Sri Lankan Accountants

James inspired us all to take action and motivated us to master our mindsets. He provided great information, actual how-to’s, real life examples, and made the entire talk very interactive and interesting! -Dorothy D’Souza, Executive Officer, Toronto Catholic District School Board

James Elliot has redefined the meaning of the word ‘go-getter’.  He quickly uncovers the source of any problem and puts a plan for the solution in place right away.  He cares enough about his audience to challenge them to go to a whole new level.  I highly recommend him. -Cathleen Fillmore, Speakers Gold bureau


James provided a great keynote to our group – and  everyone took away some valuable tools to make their work much more effective, efficient, and enjoyable. -Kayley Farrel, Executive Coordinator, The SAS Institute

James  speaks on the following topics for corporate events,
lunch and learns, keynotes and private events. (Custom topics available)

  • How be highly influential - so people will be naturally drawn to you!
  • Creating Performance And Accountability - Connecting people to their power, passion and purpose
  • Reducing anxiety, overwhelm and depression in employees and executives
  • How to deal with irate customers and turn them into raving fans
  • How to really “speak someone’s language” using predicates, keywords, and their communication mode
  • How to get “pumped up” and excited whenever you want
  • Confidence and standing out and being in your power for success
  • Instant rapport, power communication and effective message delivery
  • Anxiety, overwhelm and depression - how to manage this for optimal results
  • Finding your power, passion, and purpose – which instantly plugs you in to your success
  • Dramatically increasing sales via power communication and instant rapport
  • Overcoming fears and failure mindset in the sales process
  • Creating real relationships and connections with people (for success in personal and business!)
  • Effective message delivery – have your client actually “hear” your message
  • Leadership - How to inspire your employees and colleagues
  • Effective and efficient time management and work - life balance
  • Creating real relationships and connections with people (both personal and business – because this is what often keeps people stuck, and from getting results, in their careers and lives!)



James, a top public speaker (Toronto & area), has appeared on: CTV News, Global Radio/News AM640, Rogers News, the TV Show Insight, The Riley Perspective & The Rogers Daytime show.

James has spoken for private events, corporate lunch & learns and large business conferences. Some clients include Allstate Insurance, The SAS Institute, BluePrint Systems, The Toronto District School Board, Toronto Catholic District School Board, The Ontario Welcome Centre, and many more.

**Motivational speaking events help to motivate entire audiences to aspire to new levels!**

James Elliot on Momondays talk show as a motivational speaker



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